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I'm writing this the day after I turn 59 years old.

I have to ask myself.

Gina, are you Crazy! 
Starting a business in your 50's when most people are looking towards retirement. Yea that seems crazy.

I have known from my early 30's I wanted to have my own business. I look back now and realize everything, and I mean everything, has lead me to this decade.

If I hadn't struggled financially in my 30's and early 40's, I would have never come to the realization; if I want my own business, I had to start managing my money. Because that S* was managing me, it couldn't go on any longer.

If I hadn't homeschooled my sons, now adults and intelligent, responsible men. I wouldn't have learned the basics of running a business. Yes, homeschooling was like having your own business, with two employees.

Since the turn of the century, if I hadn't lost my dad, mom, brother, to the disease that plagues my family. I might not be on the healthy lifestyle tract that is highly important to me now.

And finally, two years ago, frustrated that I was so completely exhausted before it was 2 pm. Finally, having the courage to take the test that confirmed that I have a genetic disorder. MTHFR.

Still, I have persevered through all of that. I have been diligently going on with my life and finally, finally finding my path, my business, my passion.

My journey isn't over. Just this week my husband, Robert and I were discussing what the next 40 years will and should look like for us.

I am Gina Davis, Business and Marketing Advisor, Coach, & Trainer. My niche is those who set up vendor booths at local festival, fairs & expos.

Follow me, because I will and can help you grow your business through adversity.
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